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J. M. Odom . . . A Caring Community!!!

J. M. Odom Named High Progress School !!!
J. M. Odom . . . A Caring Community!!!

J. M. Odom Named High Progress School !!!

Teacher of the Year

Beth Barry



Anthony Clayton

Principal Information
Policy and Compact

Important Dates
  • Important Dates

    April 5 - DQ & Freckles Night

    April 7 - 3rd Grade Field Trip

    April 8 - Spring Pictures

    April 12 - Local School Governance Team

    April 12-21 - EOG Testing

    April 18 - 2nd Grade Field Trip

    April 22 - Progress Reports Go Home

    April 28 - Pre-K - 2nd Gr. Field Day

    April 29 - 3rd - 5th Gr. Field Day

Mission and Vision Statements
  • Mission Statement and Vision Statement


Local School Governance Team
  • LSGT Members

    Trish Lirio - School Principal
    Mrs. Dalton - President
    Mrs. Almond - Vice President
    Mrs. Duke - Secretary
    Nayan Patel - Business Partner



    August 11, 2015

    September 15, 2015

    February 8, 2015

    March 8, 2015


  • Harvey's
       Register your Hometown Rewards Key to our school.  Our 5 digit school code is:  43614
Title I

Odom Elementary is a Title I school. Parents have the right to request information concerning the qualifications of their child’s teachers also known as the "Parent Notification Right to Know". Currently, all Odom Elementary teachers and para-professionals are 100% highly-qualified and Odom Elementary did not receive a Designation Status.

Drink Tabs
  • Drink Tabs
    Parents and Students we are collecting drink tabs for 4-H.  Each teacher has a can in their classroom that students can place the drink tabs in.  At the end of the school year a 4-H Representative will pick up all tabs that are turned in.  Thank you for all your help!!
School Improvement Plan/Flexible Learning Plan
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